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Our History...

It was on November 13, 1960, that the new North Clairemont Methodist Church received its first members. This year makes fifty years that we have been here as one of God’s churches. Our first pastor, the Reverend Donald Milliken, did the hard work of recruiting the first members. Our next senior pastor was Al Jansen. During his time here, he himself experienced a spiritual awakening at a small group of mostly young people, and that was the beginning of the opening of this church to the Holy Spirit. He brought back to the church what he received, and things continued to grow. After Al’s time here, Dave Walker came. Dave started The Prayer and Conferences while he was here, and this church continued to grow in its experience of the Holy Spirit. After Dave Walker, our senior pastor was Don Guerrant. During Don’s time, our monthly Healing Service was begun, with a greater use of contemporary music. After Don, Jim Hill became our senior pastor. We have continued the Healing Services, had many fine special conferences here, and we have now hosted the Clairemont Healing Rooms for several years.