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Our Mission Statement is...

"Reaching, teaching, serving for Christ’s Kingdom."

and we have a Disciple Making Plan to fulfill it

We realize that a Church with a Mission and a Plan to fulfill it .................

            ....Focuses on Making Disciples, not merely on attendance or membership.

            ....Keeps us focused and provides a measure for success. – without it we have no idea how well we are doing.

            ....Pulls everything together, streamlines the ministry of the church and keeps everyone on the same page.

            ....Increases the sense of urgency in moving people toward spiritual maturity and ministry rather than just seeing them attend worship or becoming converted.

            ....Increases involvement in Worship, Small Groups and Serving.

Our Core Values and Beliefs...

We are ........

            …a Spirit-filled United Methodist Church,

            …a community of born-again believers submitted to the Lordship of Jesus Christ,

            …committed to sharing His Good News with the world, through the power of the Holy Spirit.

We believe.......

            ....Jesus Christ is God and that “salvation is found in no one else.”

            ....Jesus Christ has the power to forgive sin and transform lives.

            ....The Holy Spirit empowers believers for holy living, miracles, service and  worship.                                                                                                          

            ....The Bible is The Word of God, authoritative and unchanging, sufficient for faith and life.

            ....Prayer is necessary and effective for a growing relationship with God.


Our Purpose Statement...

To introduce people to Jesus, include them in our community of believers, equip them for life in Christ, send  them into service, and celebrate  the Lord who makes all things possible.