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Our Women’s Group provides a creative, supportive fellowship for a diverse group of women. We seek to affirm the potential of every woman. Women in our ministry stand by each other, in times of change and crisis, and celebrate, in times of joy. Social activities seek to break down barriers and encourage Christian friendship. Numerous ongoing activities are offered including luncheons, teas, a special fall event, and a yearly Christmas party. Other activities vary from year to year. There’s almost always something happening!

Fostering spiritual growth is also a priority. There’s an emphasis on the need for prayer and in-depth Bible study. Women are encouraged to reflect on the meaning of God in their lives and to reflect God’s love for all humankind. Women are challenged to practice their faith at home, at work and in other personal and societal relationships. Every October or November a women’s retreat is offered in the mountains near Julian or in Pine Valley. It serves as both a social event and an opportunity for spiritual growth.

Our ministry to women doesn’t stop with the women of our church. It extends out into the community. We believe in the importance of outreach activities. For example, each August we have a rummage sale. The money raised goes to support various charities. We strive to be aware of, and respond to, the needs of the community. Our mission personnel are supported with prayer and offerings. We work with ecumenical organizations and join women worldwide to fulfill God’s mission.