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The Men’s Group provides encouragement, Christian support, and an opportunity to interact with other men of the church.  The Men’s Group also reaches out to men in the community.

On the first Saturday of each month, from 8:00 am - 9:00 am, there’s a breakfast meeting with a Christian program, usually including a video or speaker. Each year there’s a weekend getaway in the mountains at Julian or Pine Valley. This provides a good time for spiritual enrichment and is an excellent opportunity for men to get better acquainted.

The Men’s Ministry is involved in a variety of outreach activities. In the past they have put together gift packages to send to military members overseas. They have organized work team trips to help build shelter homes for families in Tijuana, Mexico and helped with some improvements to the Methodist Church in Tecate, Mexico.  

A Message from CAPS

It only takes a moment for everything to change.  Have you ever been sure you felt one way, but when you learned the truth, suddenly your eyes were opened and you believed strongly.  Coming to faith is often like that, learning the truth about life in the womb has a similar effect.  We see it happen often at CAPS when a woman or man learns the truth behind abortion and life inside the womb.  Often, when we read thru the abortion procedures, she will blurt out, “I could never do that”—the very thing she was considering only moments before.  It happens more times than not when she sees the live motion picture of the baby inside giving his/her first performance.  Everything changes.

    The latest yield from the Big Baby Bottle was $205 for a cumulative total of $4,476.  On behalf of CAPS, thanks to all who contribute.  

Don Belllows