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Prayer plays an important role in the life of our church. We would love to help you with your concerns. Many of our members are grateful for the opportunity to serve Christ by praying for you. We have a telephone and an e-mail prayer chain. All requests are confidential and no last names are displayed. When your prayer is answered, we ask that you contact us again to give God the glory.

If you do not know Jesus, as your personal Savior, please contact us so one of our members can help you get started on your walk with Christ.

Numerous ongoing prayer opportunities are available.  Group prayer activities occur every Tuesday, at 8:30 am in the Fireside Room. At 8:00 am, every Sunday, we pray for the Pastor and the services in the Prayer Tower. The Prayer Tower is also available, at other times, to those who just want to get away and spend some time alone with God in prayer. Prayer is also available, to anyone who needs it, during and after all regular Sunday services.

Every 2nd Sunday of the month, at 6:00 pm, in the sanctuary, we offer a Prayer and Healing Service. It’s well worth it!  You’ll be glad you did!

New opportunities for prayer come up frequently. For example, this year and every year, we participate actively in the National Day of Prayer. 

If you need immediate prayer or have a prayer request please email: howard8139@sbcglobal.net